UCSD Students

Students at UCSD want to create a culture of academic integrity on campus. Let our professors know that we DO in fact care about academic integrity by signing a petition asking them to do three things that will spread awareness and foster a sense of academic honesty on campus. These suggestions are to:

  1. Educate Us – there ARE different understandings of academic integrity so we ask Faculty to fold academic integrity education into their classes. For example– clarify what you consider to be cheating in your syllabus, talk about academic integrity the first day of class and before assignments and exams, and distribute our Academic Integrity Syllabus Supplement.
  2. Reduce Opportunities – much of the cheating at UCSD is opportunistic – so, cheating can be reduced with the implementation of simple things such as alternate versions of exams, assigning seats for exams, not returning exams, not grading/assignment textbook homework questions.
  3. Report all Suspected Cheating – only 3% of the UCSD student body is reported for cheating every year. This means that as many as 39% of students cheat but do not experience consequences. This creates an unfair environment and undermines the integrity of our education.

Help make a difference at UCSD. Sign the petition here.

UCSD Faculty

Show the students at UCSD that you care about their education. Spread the word to your colleagues that students want to see more information about what each instructor counts as cheating, rather than a little blurb about it on their syllabus, or not even mentioning it at all. When students are aware and opportunities are reduced for opportunistic cheating, the UCSD community as a whole will be better off academically.

Encourage your students to sign the petition also. When we all care, we all win.