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AIM! Student Org 2013-2014 Open Officer Positions Application

2013-2014 AIM Officer Application

As an UCSD Undergrad, there are many opportunities for you to be more involved with Academic Integrity on campus. Because Academic Integrity crosses all academic disciplines, there is no exclusion of any majors. All are welcome!

Currently, there are two programs that you can apply to:

The AI Peer Educator Program

As an AI Peer Educator, you we will be working closely with our university AI Director, Dr. Bertram-Gallant, and the AI Office. This is a 5 hours plus volunteering commitment where 3 hours are dedicated to office/advising hours and the other 2 hours for meetings/AI Seminars. You will be counseling/advising students who are going through the academic misconduct process or students who have questions about AI. As a Peer Educator, you will help facilitate discussions and engage students in AI Seminar. (The AI Seminar is taken by students who have been reported for academic misconduct.)

Not Accepting Any More Applications

(if interested please contact

Application:AI Peer Educator Program (2013)

Info Brochure: AI Peer Educators Brochure


Email: or

AIM! Members (AIM Ambassador Program)

As an AIM Ambassador, you serve as the organization’s representatives and liaisons in our overall educational campaigns. This includes outreach to fellow Tritons, faculty, administrators, and local high schools. We also encourage Ambassadors to promote Academic Integrity in their involvement in other organizations (i.e. major, minor, orgs, and work) on campus. Expect to commit at least 2 hours per week which includes the weekly thirty minutes board meetings.

 Applications due Every Friday of 5th Week

Application: AIM Ambassador Program


Become a part of the UCSD Academic Integrity Family and help spread awareness of the importance of academic integrity across the UCSD campus to students, parents and professors. Be a part of a team of individuals dedicated to helping students aim higher in their education, which will not only benefit students at UCSD, but in their future endeavors as professionals and in academia.