The 2013-2014 Executive Board


President: Jane Um

Major: General Biology

Bio: Hi! I’m a predental student who is quick and eager to learn from experience and others in order to better her character and thus her quality of life! :D


Publicity Chair: Karan Kaur

Major: Neuroscience/Physiology

Bio: Hello! My name is Karanjeet Kaur and I am a publicity chair member in AIM. I’m a third year student and I study neuroscience/physiology. I love pizza and meeting new people. (:


Webmaster: You Li

Major: Human Biology

Bio: Hi everyone! I am the webmaster here at AIM. I am a third yr. premed student at UCSD and I would love to talk to anyone about academic integrity. Feel free to contact me anytime!

My email:


Event Coordinator: Divya Halthore



Finance Chair: Sung Min Bae

Major: Electrical Engineering

Bio: I am a  super energetic guy! I am willing to help anyone who asks for my help! Feel free to talk to me anytime!


Secretary: Shannon Kang


Bio: Hi Everyone, my name is Shannon and I’m a premed here at UCSD. I am a
movie fanatic and enjoy baking – a lot. Why did I join AIM? Well, when
discussing qualities for success, we usually hear things like
hard-working, smart, persistent, etc. But what we don’t hear as often is
integrity, when it really should be one of the main ones brought to our
attention. Therefore I joined AIM so that I can contribute to the
promotion of academic integrity for its importance not only in school, but
also in one’s career and life. If you have any questions about academic
integrity, how you can make a difference, or anything, feel free to email
My email is: