High School Contest Winners

Congrats to our winners!

David Chau
12th Grade
Patrick Henry High School
Submission was the creative writing piece attached below.
Gave this quote about academic integrity:
“Education means nothing without academic integrity. Any diploma acquired
by cheating can only tell us what we still have not yet achieved.”

David Chau Submission (pdf)

Adrian Altez
11th Grade
Kearny High School of International Business
Submission was the song, “Instincts.”
Gave this quote about academic integrity:
“Academic integrity is important to me because I believe in the truth.
Through honesty, I want to be recognized for who I am and never something
I’m not. I was raised to always work hard for what is important and my
education is on top of my list. I want to succeed knowing that I earned
exactly what I deserved.”

Adrian Altez Submission (mp3)

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