2012 Academic Integrity Awards Nominations

The nomination period has started for the 2nd Annual Academic Integrity Awards Night!

Faculty Award - for a faculty member who has contributed significantly to academic integrity (on campus or in the larger, international arena) through at least one of the following: research (on academic integrity or related areas such as ethics, character education), teaching (e.g., talking about academic integrity in the classroom, teaching about professional integrity), and service (e.g., Academic Integrity Review Board; Academic Integrity Office Advisory Council; Committee on Educational Policies)

Best Syllabus Award - for the syllabus or class academic integrity policy that best explains academic integrity and/or cheating. The “Best Syllabus” will normally include: details/examples about what is considered cheating in that class; explanations of why academic integrity is important (in general, but also to that class and that professor); points students to resources; and, a student pledge (to sign).

AI Ally Award - for a campus member or organization (e.g., student organization, staff member, campus department) who supports academic integrity through activities or service and surpasses expectations because academic integrity is not a job or organization requirement.

Student Award - for a student or alumnus, who has contributed significantly to creating a culture of academic integrity through the volunteering of their time and energies (e.g., Peer Educator, AIM member, AIRB member) AND/OR by exhibiting courage in speaking up against cheating, stopping peers from cheating, or reporting cheating in the classroom.

Please see our Awards Night page for more details about how to nominate people (self-nominations are welcome!)

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